E3 2021 trailers

Summer Game Fest Opening

Planet of Lana looks really pretty! And it has a nice website, it’s too rare.

Elden Ring is not my cup of tea but it was the game of the show with its first gameplay reveal.

Tribeca showcase

Signalis - Announcement Trailer: superb UI and visual design.

IGN Expo

Sherlock Holmes Chapter One - Cinematic Trailer: classic but I’ll never say no to some slow motion flythroughs.

Bramble: The Mountain King - Cinematic Trailer. So creepy!

Broken Pieces, intriguing.

Guerilla Game

Wolfstride, strong Gurren Lagann vibes here.

Sable was everywhere but we didn’t see much more expect this new trailer.

Wholesome Direct

The Gecko Gods

Ubisoft Forward

Not many good things to see but I was merely surprised by this trailer of Riders Republic.


Death’s Door

Trek to Yomi is beautiful!


It was very nice to see more of Somerville than animation gifs. Hype!

A Plague Tale: Requiem

Replaced became instantly infamous from its likeness with The Last Night, another vaporware?

Forze Horizon 5


Atomic Heart is something, for sure.


Super Smash Bros Ultimate x Tekken, was, like often with Smash, the best/funniest video of the show.

Sequel to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild: too short.

GameSpot Play For All Showcase

Minds Beneath Us


Sonic Symphony Orchestra was a cool moment, I recommend.