Not-E3 2023 trailers

I like video games and trailers so here my favourite videos from all the conferences of this not-e3/Summer Game Fest edition.

PlayStation Showcase

Despite not being the most incredible conference, the PS Showcase provided us with a lot of great videos.
But above all, the best trailer of the not-E3 was for Bungie's next game:

Marathon trailer was made by Antibody.
They use the cool track Heavy Metal by Justice, but remixed, apparently by SebastiAn, to fit perfectly the editing!

The art director of the franchise shared a super interesting thread about the design inspirations, it's rare to have valuable insights like this as early in the communication lifetime.

The trailer of The Talos Principle 2 took me by surprise. We also got a gameplay trailer.

Let’s mix Journey and Abzu and we got Sword of the Sea.

Nomada Studio, the developer of Gris, has released a trailer that plays like a real animated movie. However, it is disappointing to see that not much effort has been put into the website.

Devolver Direct

The funniest trailer of this edition goes to Baby Steps, from Foddy (Getting Over It), Cuzzillo & Boch (Ape Out), a literal walking simulator.

Future Game Show

Nice short animated trailer for The Bookwalker: Thief of Tales!

Xbox Showcase

Beautiful reveal trailer of Jusant, a meditative game about climbing that also shows enough gameplay mechanics variety. Nice music by Guillaume Ferran.
And it comes with the best slogan: “Climb, Fall 2023.”

Fun fact, Jusant is the French word for ebb (the movement of the tide out to sea).

Funny Fable. We never say no to Richard Ayoade.

Every Flight Simulator trailer is a delight.

I was pleased to see The Chinese Room logo again, I was shocked by Dear Esther back then, but I lost track of this studio since then. So I'm curious about Still wakes the deep.

Ubisoft Forward

It was not a big year for cinematic trailer and Star Wars Outlaws is a good example, its fast-paced reveal trailer is less exciting than this gameplay walkthrough (there is also a superfluous commented version).