Putain 3 years!

Today I’m starting my fourth year with Build in Amsterdam.
I moved to Amsterdam for Build or to Build for Amsterdam, I can’t remember. I was already too old for this lunacy, and I’m not younger.

First experience abroad and first experience in English. My journey with Build shares a lot with the city itself, this contained craziness, this taste for well designed edginess and this organised chaos.

It’s a place where I can use my craftsmanship on tasty projects to serve the client’s brand, products and identity but also aiming to offer the best possible experience to the customer.
I feel lucky to be able to juggle between back and front end, from SVG animations to connecting APIs, building design systems and WordPress plugins.
Trying to merge the experimental and surgical design with functional and accessible digital shops.
Not to mention the chance to work with utterly nice people at adidas.

I’m proud to be part of a company promoting a good work-life balance, horizontal organisation and fighting against a toxic pitch-oriented industry.

And above all this, my colleagues, past or present, the best bunch of weirdos, are all so damn pretty, from the inside to the outside. I still can’t cope with it.

So thanks wonderful beings for pushing me, trusting me and making me feel I still have a world to discover and learn.