Tracking subscriptions

From how to pay the creators?

After reading a tweet (FR) from @Signez asking how much we are spending every month supporting web creators, I’ve gathered my Patreon subscriptions and other webzines premium accounts. But it raised this recurring question on how I’m tracking those steady spendings.
By the way, the poll resulted in this initiative, if you are interested: ClubPourcent (FR).

To how to track of all those payments?

I have personal sketches of a web app concept, from maybe ten years ago, to overview all recurring spendings and incomes. Besides subscriptions, many other stable monetary transactions, like rents and salary exist, so I love the idea to visualise all this balance. This idea is still following me and no banking or budget app satisfied me.

I could say that it’s an even more present challenge with music, video and video game services but I always felt that we have more transactions to track that we can handle (insurance, phone, savings, etc.)

Years ago, I found a simple and nice-looking Dutch app (made in Amsterdam), called Bobby, that was doing a decent job to group all famous subscriptions (Netflix, Xbox, etc.). It was sadly already dead and abandoned back then.

Notion everywhere

So, using Notion for all my notes for a couple of years, I naturally started to list my spending on a new Notion table.

Way too late, I thought of checking out if people already made such a template. This is how I discovered a surprisingly enormous list of templates on Notion Everything. The website is listing Notion templates by categories but is also a marketplace for paid templates, and a lot of them have a pretty premium price tag, above $50.
Here is an interesting thread from its founder about Notion Everything creation.

And there is even an official showcase of templates from Notion themselves.

So, of course, I found (only!) one template doing almost exactly the same as mine: Subscription tracker.

Nevertheless, you can also duplicate my template: Recurring.
It has some other features: cancelled subscriptions are automatically sent to another view and you can have different currencies.

I’m also exploring how to use Notion as a CMS for a blog or a website and numerous solutions already exist, I will maybe share something later about it.